Doug is a 24-year-old self-taught photographer who recently moved to Encinitas, CA. Growing up in NH, he knew that there were bigger and better creative opportunities to be discovered out west. California was calling his name. He currently takes photographs for personal pleasure, but is concentrated on exposing his work to businesses and companies that are desiring authentic and meaningful visuals that will set their brands apart from the rest. Doug’s work experience as a digital marketer and graphic designer has formulated his photographic style to one that is distinct. Through his images, he curates an inviting, yet unknown world that will make the viewer want to delve deeper. Doug is a hybrid photographer, enjoying both 35mm film and digital. He aligns these two different elements of images to create a timeless and radical aesthetic to his work.

Please contact me for freelance work or inquiries: dougrobichaud48@gmail.com

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