2 yrs 5 mo

San Diego, CA

Content Marketing Manager & Lifestyle Photographer

  • Managed ecommerce email marketing using Klaviyo including campaigns, automated flows, copywriting, a/b testing, design, deployment and analysis

  • Implemented browse abandonment, winback, post purchase and giveaway flows that increased email revenue by more than 30% each month

  • Designed new email template that outperformed previous template (entirely image based vs. HTML text with images)

  • Improved email sender reputation by segmenting unique groups to target for specific campaigns (sales, promotions, product spotlights and newsletters)

  • Increased YOY email revenue by 124% in 2018

  • Reviewed each campaign and automated flow through Klaviyo’s robust analytics platform to make necessary changes to increase revenue, conversion rate, open rates, clicks and decrease unsubscribes

  • Main lifestyle photographer for all website imagery, product galleries, social media, emails and blog posts

  • Lead creative vision for all website imagery

  • Researched, wrote and published SEO rich content to the blog weekly

  • Wrote over 80 SEO rich blog posts

  • Averaged over 50,000 sessions to the blog each month (70% organic traffic 30% paid social ad traffic)

  • A few blog posts rank #1 on Google’s SERP for high and low volume keywords

  • Several blogs rank on the first page of Google’s SERP

  • Assisted in graphic design to support Social Media Manager with Instagram stories weekly

Campers Inn RV

1 yr 10 mo

Kingston, NH

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Manager and content creator of Facebook and Instagram

  • Implemented a Facebook Advertising strategy that significantly increased website visits, conversions and blog subscribers

  • Average Facebook engagement per month was over 28,000 (likes, comments, shares)

  • Gained over 10,000 organic followers on Instagram in under a year using a strategy I learned from experimenting with my personal photography account

  • Wrote over 50 SEO rich blog posts and six ebooks

  • Blog was rated #2 out of 100 Best RV Blogs by Feedspot

  • Copywriter for all emails and designed all layouts

  • Graphic designer for trade show collateral, magazine advertisements, in-store signage

  • Used Hubspot’s marketing software for all inbound marketing efforts to organize and analyze all social/email campaigns and the blog

Doug Robichaud Creative

4 yrs - present

Coming to a neighborhood near you.

Lifestyle Photographer

  • Instagram: @killerdogma

  • Over 10,000 followers on Instagram

  • Signed an 11 month Ambassadorship with Cazadores Tequila to help them reach a San Diego audience (shot branded lifestyle images and created Instagram stories)

  • Photo contributor to Stocksy United — clients license my photos to use for editorial purposes

  • Designed and published photo zine titled, Wished You Were Here — a collection of 35mm film photos from past surf adventures across the world